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Intel’s New Processor Will Set Off the AI War!


Publisher: hqt


Intel 16 launched a new Intel Core and Intel Core Ultra processor brand, the second half of the year will be launched by the Meteor Lake processor together. The market predicts that Intel’s most significant brand update in the past 15 years has already started the AI war between CPU and GPU in the consumer market, and the terminal price of the new products will be adjusted accordingly, and the carrier board, heat dissipation and assembly plants including Xinxing, Nandian, Jianze and Quanta, Inventec, etc. are expected to benefit.

Intel continues to integrate AI functions in the CPU, trying to win in the mainstream of the GPU AI chip market. Intel predicts that future AI workloads will mainly be executed using CPUs, which are estimated to account for 60 percent of all AI models, with small and medium-sized models dominating. As for large models, they will account for 40 percent of the overall workload and run on GPUs or other kinds of purpose-built gas pedals.

Intel’s new brand uses a new process node, coupled with advanced 3D packaging technology, which means that if mass production is reached in the second half of the year, as expected, Intel, led by executive Kissinger, has accelerated its pace to catch up with its competitors.

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