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Joint Laboratory - Chuangxin Online

GA Group unites with authortative testing oranizations to efficiently and effectively meet customer needs, and can provide videos of the specified items of electronic components sent for testing.

Company Profile

Shenzhen Chuangxin Online Testing Technology Co., Ltd. has built 3 standardized laboratories, with a laboratory area of more than 1800 square meters, and has obtained CNAS certification and international mutual recognition qualification.

Joint Laboratory - Chuangxin Online

G.A. Group has a strict product monitoring and quality testing system and conducts rigorous appearance and performance tests on each batch of incoming materials. At the same time, G.A. Group collaborates with the world-renowned Chuangxin Online Laboratory to conduct professional and authoritative tests using advanced testing instruments and processes.

The joint laboratory of G.A. Group and Chuangxin Online Laboratory is committed to the principles of “professional, authoritative, efficient, and fair” testing. The tests strictly follow international standards and have CNAS certification, ERAI certification, MA certification, and other internationally recognized qualifications.

Strictly adhering to electronic component testing standards, we strengthen our testing and analysis capabilities to quickly and efficiently meet customer testing needs. We follow a rigorous quality inspection process that includes: Appearance test > Heating and chemical test > Function test > X-Ray test > Decapsulation > Electrical characteristics test > Lead-free test > Packaging and logistics test.

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