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Coaxial Switches


Shenzhen Bowenjia Electronics Co.,Ltd has achieved breakthroughs in the design and process technologies of coaxial switches, multi-layer vacuum brazing 3mm array antennas, 10kW high-power microwave switches, multi-channel and multi-type millimeter-wave switches, and 3mm transceiver front-ends. RF switch product types cover eight major series: microwave and millimeter-wave subsystems/integrated systems, microwave and millimeter-wave active components and microsystems, microwave and millimeter-wave passive components, antenna feed components and systems, microwave and millimeter-wave interconnect components, information preprocessing board modules, servo turntable/control modules and systems, and structural functional components. The operating frequency ranges up to 110GHz for coaxial and up to 325GHz for waveguide, achieving full-chain development and service for microwave and millimeter-wave devices and components. The products are widely used in communication, navigation, radar, information reconnaissance, electronic warfare, meteorology, data transmission, telemetry, remote sensing, and microwave millimeter-wave detection fields.
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