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Texas Instruments Chips on Sale at Reduced Prices Across the Board


Publisher: hqt


The latest news shows that after two consecutive quarterly declines in revenue and net profit, Texas Instruments (TI) in May this year, a comprehensive cut in chip prices in the Chinese market, trying to grab more market share in the industry before the recovery of the dark moment, through the lowering of the strike.

At present, Texas Instruments authorized agents in China only one left Arrow Electronics, its products across the board after the price reduction, other electronic components agents will soon notice the market changes, some other overseas analog chip companies in China’s market share also began to be impacted.

It is worth noting that is currently at the bottom of the cycle of the semiconductor industry, Texas Instruments at the market inflection point when the price reduction strategy requires local analog chip companies to pay great attention. Because once the market begins to rebound, in the next wave of the market Texas Instruments will inevitably take the largest share of the cake.

Texas Instruments price reduction, to a certain extent, ended the analog chip industry’s domestic alternative dividend. Local manufacturers can not continue to meet the product “can use” and “enough” status quo, but should be more urgent mentality to polish the product to the “good” level, while thinking about how to Break through the cost barrier, in order to deal with Texas Instruments now through the price reduction of the buried pen, and the next wave of the market rebound in the hidden dawn of the killing machine.

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