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SAK-TC377TX-96F300S AB

Manufacturer Part Number: SAK-TC377TX-96F300S AB Manufacturer / Brand: Infineon
Part of Description: Infineon Lead Free Status / RoHS Status: yes
Shipment Way: DHL/Fedex/TNT/UPS Datasheets:
100% original and authentic
100% test report if single part is over 500USD
100% damaged replacement guaranteed

Product parameters

Temperature -40°C – +125°C
Type of Memory Flash
Watchdog Timer Yes
eMMC Yes
Additional Features 2xEthernet
CAN Nodes 12
Classification ISO 26262-compliant
DMA Channels 128
DSP Functionality yes
Family AURIX™ 2G
I/O Operation Voltages   min  max 3.3 V   5 V
LIN 12
Number of ADC Modules 8
Program Memory 6 MByte
SRAM (incl. Cache) 4352 kByte
Safety Functions Safe Computation ASIL- B/D ; Analog Acquisition ASIL- B/D ; Digital Acquisition ASIL- B/D ; Digital Actuation ASIL- B/D ; Sensor Acquisition ASIL- B/D ; External Communication ASIL-D ; Safe State Support ASIL-D ; Avoidance or Detection of Common Cause Failures ASIL-D ; Coexistence of HW/SW elements ASIL-D
Safety Related Applications Advanced Light Control System ; Sensor Fusion ; PT Engine Management ; Transmission Control Unit (TCU) ; xEV Traction Inverter Motor Control ; xEV DCDC Converter ; xEV Battery Management System (BMS) ; Braking And Stability Control ; Airbag Control ECU ; Electric Power Steering ; Electric Brake Booster EBB ; Body Control Module BCM ; Industrial Application: Robotics

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