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GA Group thrilled to invite you to electronica China 2023


Publisher: Gloden


In this scorching summer, electronica China 2023 is being held at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center, continuing the previous years’ popularity. It has attracted exhibitors and visitors from various fields to participate in exchanges, once again embarking on a pragmatic, professional, and forward-looking journey of industry exploration.

electronica China pic

The GA Group meticulously planned and executed the exhibition, showcasing GA Group’s overall profile through various forms such as industry handbooks, promotional screens, posters, and customized gifts. Furthermore, taking advantage of this exhibition opportunity, GA Group actively visited existing clients, engaging in friendly exchanges to further deepen the mutual relationship.

electronica China photo
GA electronica China pic
electronica China GA gifts
electronica China GA gift

The team members demonstrated enthusiasm and dedication at the exhibition, providing attentive and detailed product explanations to each visitor while attentively listening to their needs and market feedback. This attentive service received recognition and praise from industry peers and partners, as well as strengthened connections and collaborations with fellow exhibitors and clients.

exhibition exchange
exhibition exchange pic
exhibition exchange photo
exhibition exchange picture

Led by Chairman Mark Yan, the exhibiting team represented the GA Group’s finest personnel and the best team spirit. They actively showcased GA Group’s capabilities, its comprehensive supply chain system, and excellent channel integration services, presenting the brand image of GA Group comprehensively.

group photo at the exhibition
group work photo at the exhibition
group work pic at the exhibition

Congratulations to GA Group on its successful exhibition! We hope that GA Group can continue to maintain its positive growth momentum in the future and provide even higher quality products and services to its clients.

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