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Embodiment of group strength: interconnectedness of companies


Publisher: Gloden


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In the modern corporate economy, Group companies have become a common form of organization. These companies are composed of multiple interconnected companies, each with its own business field and market positioning. However, this does not mean that these companies operate in isolation. On the contrary, there is a close association between them, through various means of sharing resources and achieving synergy effects to enhance their overall competitiveness. This relationship can be seen between Golden Age and Shenzhen Biaoxin International Management Co., Ltd.

Golden Age serves as the operational center for Shenzhen Biaoxin International Management Co., Ltd., representing it in external publicity activities. Meanwhile, Biaoxin utilizes its experience and resources in the domestic market to provide sales and promotional support for Golden Age’s products. This kind of resource-sharing and collaborative cooperation allows Golden Age and Biaoxin to jointly respond to market challenges and improve their competitiveness.

Furthermore, the internal linkage within a Group company is reflected in capital and personnel flows, enabling synergy effects that not only strengthen the overall strength of the Group company but also promote innovation and development among its subsidiaries.

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